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Some clips of Paul's recorded arrangements for various shows, CD's and projects.

Thanks in particular to CT, DW, RC - and all the musos, singers and techs.

   PAUL TOWNSEND                                                                       ARRANGER * BASSIST * COMPOSER

"Big Movie Theme" - Sibelius playback.

Audio file exported straight from the score pages (Sibelius Sounds) with no FX, sweetening etc.


In the last 18 years or so, the focal point of Paul's career and creativity has been his work as a musical arranger.

The preamble...

The transition from busy London session/gigging musician to deskbound scribe was dictated to some extent by a move from the metropolis to a (relatively) calm and laid-back part of coastal Kent in late 2000.

Although, in the background, he'd long been scoring using traditional pen & paper, Paul had started to use the innovative Sibelius software in 1999, a year after acquiring his first iMac, and was providing the odd arrangement for a few people.

When Live Business commisioned him to arrange and produce a series of comprehensive pre-records for their hour-long shows  presented aboard Portsmouth - Bilboa - Portsmouth ferries, the bass-playing/arranging balance began its shift.

Hastened, somewhat, by the rapidly changing London studio/session scene...

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The present...

Within a close, online-based network of like-minded music production and arranging professionals, Paul is now fortunate to be kept busy much of the time.

Lavish cruise ship shows, broadcast and up-market holiday centre entertainments call for (often very complex) orchestral, musical arrangements. And, of course, the range of musical genres is vast - Hollywood musical to punk, funk to Baroque, pop to rap...  This is where the experience and proven results of pro's like Paul comes in. The ability to knowledgeably and comfortably interact with musical directors and production people and come up with an immaculate score of (say) a Strauss waltz or a Van Halen track - and make sure that when they're played they'll sound great. First time.  And tailored exactly to the requirements of the artistic vision.

And of course, Paul's available for any other kind of arranging duty for you out there: be it a humble piano & vocal sheet for an audition (in a key of your choice) or any combination of instruments up to full orchestra and beyond, for probably less than you'd think.

Performers will appreciate the fact that a new, bespoke Sibelius arrangement can also be exported as a separate audio file, using the built-in, excellent Sibelius Sounds instrument library - enabling enhanced practice/routining.

Fees will vary, obviously, depending on the project's instrumentation and complexity.  Arrangements provided as online PDF & mp3 files - printing & postage (if required) will incur extra costs. Paul is always happy to chat informally about your project and offer advice.

A Single Movement For Strings - full score PDF download

(Follow it with the playback on Paul's SoundCloud page.)

A typical score PDF (2023)