The last 14 years or so have seen Paul become more in demand as an arranger;  the main focus of his working life.

Writing orchestral and band arrangements for recordings, live artistes and - to a greater extent - the burgeoning cruise ship entertainment sector (at least, until March 2020...!) he's enjoyed collaborating with other leading UK arrangers and producers.

Now - in summer 2002, with Covid (hopefully)  becoming a nasty, expensive memory,  Paul's  fairly busy again, arranging for his regular colleagues/taskmasters (!)   And...check out his SoundCloud page for original compositions - including a few 1980's song demos recently unearthed.

Some clips of Paul's recorded arrangements for various shows, CD's and projects.

Thanks to CT, DW, RC  all the musos, singers and techs.

With Sibelius score-writing software (of which Paul has been an enthusiastic user since 1999) pristine scores and individual musicians' parts are guaranteed;  with the added benefit of Sibelius  realistic playback (supplied to clients as an audio file or CD) enhancing the rehearsal or routining process - while obviously never intending to replace the final human performance element.

And his considerable experience means that Paul's more than comfortable arranging any genre of music: from operatic selections for Paul Potts to  Mumford & Sons-type folky - pop via metal and jazz... And quite a lot of West End / Broadway musical stuff.

Whatever you need - from a simple piano part to a full orchestral score, just fire off an email to Paul for a friendly response and maybe the right  solution for you.

Or  just an unbiased point in the right direction...

paul townsend

musical arrangements


PDF example scores for download:

A Single Movement For Strings

Big Movie Theme

Big Movie Theme.  Sibelius playback mp3 export

(straight off the page  - see PDF - no external sweetening)