paul townsend

UK arranger bassist composer


With Apple hardware, Paul has been an enthusiastic user of Sibelius score-writing software from Version 1 - way back in 1999 - to the current Version "Ultimate" (For the uninitiated: think of Sibelius as a sophisticated tool for music writing, much as word-processing works for creating text): not only will your arrangement consist of a score with beautifully laid out parts for each player (either printed out by you from a PDF, or delivered ready-printed), but every Sibelius score "plays back" (music!) on its host computer, and this exported sound file can conveniently be used for personal rehearsal and routining purposes, along with the printed music.

Pricing will vary greatly with each commission, depending on instrumentation, complexity and duration of the piece to be arranged. Paul's rates are very competitive within the domain of professional, recording/broadcast-standard arrangements, and fees will be agreed and confirmed before work starts on your chosen piece(s). Printing and delivery, if required, will incur extra costs.

Initially, if you're not quite sure of how best to approach this important stage in your musical project, Paul will be happy to discuss all the options with you and his advice will be free. Alternatively, if you're a music professional and would like to check out his work, get in touch and request a free PDF sample score. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Clients include:
Music By Design, BBC, Music Sales Group, Collabro, Orange, Jim Davidson, Cunard, Live Business, RSC, West End Heroes 2014, Richard and Adam, Madeline Bell, Paul Potts, CTM Studios, Rick Coates Music Ltd., Joe Brown...

Edits from some of Paul's recorded arrangements...

Thanks to CT, DW, RC and all the great musos and singers.


Musical arrangements